The bench of rosy perfection



The young couple was sitting on a bench surrounded by bushes of fukshia pink roses with a scent that was making the whole area smell like a perfume shop. I didn't have a camera with me and even if I did, I am not sure that the ideal couple would have given me permission to take their photo.

It was such a romantic, almost kitschy and old-fashioned scene. The roses looked like a frame around the two people who were hugging and kissing and whispering words of love to each other. The intense pink roses, loads of them, flashed like neon lights, as if they tried to tell all the world "look at those two, look how happy they are". And for a moment I quite forgot the virus and the violence and all the vile things in life. This snapshot I didn't take, in all its rosy beauty, made me believe that life is indeed a rose garden. Well,  for some people at least...08.06.20